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CheTica Ranch

Wellness & Recovery Center

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Welcome to CheTica Ranch

Our family-managed recovery retreat has long been favored by both physicians and patients for providing a high level of quality care. Each patient’s well equipped cottage oversees more than 80 acres of tropical flowers, fruits, and mountains

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Simple solutions

for your health

Wellness Solutions

Healthy foods
Over-the-counter medications
Natural medicine
Homeopathic remedies
Organic produce

Health Care Professionals

We know and work with the very best cosmetic, orthopedics, bariatrics, dental and oftamologist surgeons

Health Services

Manage medication
Injection application
Nurse assist 24/7
Bathing assist

CheTica Ranch is your destination for Healthy Post-Op Care Made Simple, Effective and Affordable


San Jerónimo de Moravia
San José, Costa Rica


U.S. 1-305-359-3912
C.R. (506) 2268-7771


10 miles from downtown, on highway #32, so close and yet so beautifully far!