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Nature Cottages

Welcome to CheTica Ranch
Wellness & Recovery Center!

Considered the jewel of Central America, Costa Rica is known for its lush vegetation, peaceful environment and stable economy.  

Within this setting, our family-managed recovery retreat has long been favored by both physicians and patients for providing a high level of quality care.

Each patient’s well equipped cottage oversees more than 80 acres of tropical flowers, fruits, and mountains.  

Recovery is facilitated by the cool, clean air as well as the tranquil setting.   

Our well trained and experienced staff provides knowledgeable and caring support for all your needs, with our resident nurse attending to your questions, wounds, stitches, medicines, hygiene, and acting as a liason with your physician.  

Our cooks provide delicious meals that are designed for recovery and continued wellness.  

Our drivers are available for each and every medical appointment and are in constant communication with the doctors’ administrative offices.  


Please be aware that we are the only Recovery Center offering FREE transportation to & from your MAIN Doctor's office, Clinic or Hospital, if you come to visit several Professionals, your FREE rides will only be to your MAIN one, to any other, will require public taxi transportation!!!


And speaking to your loved ones for additional support is only a free Internet or free phone call away.

Once recovery is underway, you can select the amount of comradery or privacy you would like; whether to explore our grounds, take a walk to the river, or stay indoors; and whether you will want your meals in your room or in our social dining room.  

Our 32" televisions have cable and DVD capacity, with a wide range of movies available from our library, as well as books and magazines for your reading pleasure.  Wi-Fi is available in each room.  And once recovered, you can also select to participate in one of our many in-town tours.

Please look at each of the above links for explicit and detailed information on how we can help make your recovery effortless.



Ruben and Lorena,
Did not want to leave before saying thank you, I had a most wonderful stay. You could not have been kinder or more generous. I owe you a debt of gratitude. May God always keep you and your love ones close and by his side. If I may help you in anyway, or should you plan to stay in the Atlanta area, please call on me. My home(s) and my personal services are ALWAYS open and available to you. Our home in town is very centrally located, and I can cook, too (smile).
Love you, and hope to see you in the states some time,
September 2014.

Good Morning Ruben & Lorena
Thank you so much for the photos ...they definitely capture the beauty and peacefulness of CheTica Ranch ....I can't wait to show them to my friends ....thank you and everyone at CheTica for making my recovery a pleasant experience ....I know that if I had just done a hotel room it would have been difficult ...even though I spent a good amount of time in my cottage, just knowing that someone was near if I needed gave great comfort...it was more than wonderful!! Also, just knowing that I would be picked up at the airport and transported to where I needed to go took so much stress off...you all were great and I can't thank you enough!!!!
Best to you all always ...and when I am in Costa Rica next February I am hoping to get over to see you...not for surgery
but to visit
Give my best and thanks to all..and a special thanks to Francis.
September 2014